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Most of the students on our telegram group asked how can I make a tool?, how long does it take to learn Javascript?

They also asked that can I learn Javascript within a week?

 In my opinion, javascript is very much easier than other programming languages. So you can easily learn Javascript within 1 week. But you have to learn html, css to understand all functions of javascript to make a web page.

I will share with you some strategies to learn Javascript fast and easily.

An introduction to Javascript:

This language has been introduced in 1995 and gain so much popularity. Javascript is a very useful programming language that will help to build web pages. Most of the web page use javascript to make button’s function, alert notification and lots of thing. I will recommend you to learn html and css first then go for javascript. Otherwise you can not understand the function and how it is running.
To add more functions to your web pages, you have to learn javascript. With javascript, you can add 2D, 3D animation, scrolling news, videos, and more things. You can also make an SEO tool website where you can earn money through AdSense, affiliate marketing. To make a website like instagram fancy text generator, youtube thumbnail downloader, my telegram group members asked me this question

How long does it take to learn javascript:

Javascript is a programming language that will help you to build pages and add functions. Java script is easier than the other programming languages. You can learn Java script very easily within 1-2 weeks. But if you want to learn it in exparts level then it will take upto 2-3 months. If javascript is your first programming languages then it will take upto 6 months

Where I can learn Javascript

You can learn Java script through courses on the internet. Some of the courses are free and some are paid. You can also learn Javascript from youtube. Some youtube channels where you can learn Javascript for free is Programming with mosh, clever programmer

Benefits of Learning Javascript:

There are so many benifits for learning javascript. 
You can make static web pages and host them free in blogger. You don’t need to invest to host the site. You can also want from site through Google Adsense.


How long does it take to learn Javascript to get a job?

If you want to learn javascript to get a job, you have to learn Javascript minutely. It means, it can take up to 3 months to learn Javascript to get a job.

It is hard to learn javascript?

In my opinion, Javascript is not so much hard. Javascript and python is the most easiest programming languages. If you want to learn your programming languages then I will recommend you to start with python or javascript

Can I learn Java script in a day?

Though I have told you, javascript is easier than other programming languages, but you can not learn Javascript in one day. It is impossible for a normal human. But you can try it. You will find so many video lectures on youtube where they completed full javascript 8n one video within 2 hours. 

How long does it take to learn Javascript?

According to top programmers, it can take upto 5-6 months to learn javascript if you are new in coding. But if have already learnt python, c++, or Java then it will take 1-2 months to be expart.

Final Thoughts:

I am also a student now. So I can easily tell you that javascript is easier than other programming languages like phyton. Try to practice your all lessons to learn javascript quickly. Do not thing how long it will take? Thing, how you devolop your skills. 

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