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     Hello Whatsapp buddies, I am Satwik and in this article, I am gonna show you how to download FAUG game, when it will release FAUG game download

    So without wasting any time let’s get started.

    Fau-G is going to be one of the best multiplayer game Pubg. When the Pubg game was banned by the government, lovers of Pubg game shocked. 

    At that time, Indian Bollywood star announced FAUG game. He told that 20% profit of this game will be given to the Indian army. The best time of this game is, the owner of the game is Vishal Gondal who is Indian. 

    That’s why all profit of the game will not go to a foreign county. 

    How to download this game:

    Before going to the main point, I want to say you that please bookmark this post so that when this game will release, you will get the download link. 

    This game is created for Android and iOS users. 

    To download this game, you have to go to google play store.

    Then search for FAUG

    Now download the game

    For ios, go to the apple store and search FAUG and download the game

    Who is the owner of FAUG:

    The owner of the FAUG game is Vishal Gondal who is an Indian and owner of GOQii. 

    Akshay Kumar’s tweet:

    Akshay Kumar has promoted this game through his Twitter account. 

    About the FAUG game:

    When this game will release:

    This game can be released at the end of October. 

    How to download FAUG game for PC:

    You can download fauji game for your PC through an emulator. There are so many free emulators to install play store on your pc. Install an emulator and enjoy the game

    Is it better than Pubg:

    It completely depends on you. 

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